Wednesday, June 8, 2011


So two 1/2 weeks ago Joshua tracked out and Emily had her last day of preschool. The first week was a breeze with the kids. It didn't hurt that we spent the week in Myrtle beach with my parents. The last week and a half have been hellish. I'm fine with one or the other one at home but put them together for a few weeks and it's constant whining, bickering, tattling and crying. (the crying is mostly me ;))

I have went out of my way to keep the kids active and do fun things with them. But I'm ready for Joshua to go back to school next Monday. Sadly, Emily is stuck with me until July 11. I found a summer camp for her from 9-1 Monday through Fridays. She will start in july and go until mid august. Six glorious weeks with mornings all to myself. I am counting down  the days. 

I love my homeschool buddies and I am most definitely surrounded by them. However I can't for the life of me figure out how you spend day in and day out with your kids without blowing your brains out. 

Am I the only parent who looks forward to sending my kids away daily :p. 

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