Monday, February 21, 2011

but but but why......and the constant noise

Joshua was delayed in language, didn't really start speaking until 3 1/2 we were so excited when he learned to talk.

Emily had lots of ear infections and her speaking cleared up about 3ish.

We were so thrilled.....

Now...I just need the constant noise and whining and questions to stop. Please. Pretty Please.

When I say no to Joshua his new thing is to say Bbbbut Bbbut why??? I find this quite endearing but I stick to my guns.

Emily is the biggest issue. OMG.....just be quiet for five minutes. Enough with the questions, comments, whining, demands.

She loves to talk all the time. I went to Target yesterday and had to take both kids. Joshua sat there the whole time in the cart playing his game. Emily talked the WHOLE time. Asking for this and that. She just wouldn't zip it. I had a headache when I left.

I always think back to an old quote I've read. "Two mistake new parents always make...they teach their kids to walk and talk"