Saturday, June 11, 2011

I've always known that Meds were good....

At least for me, meds have been a godsend. You do not want me off my meds it is a bad bad thing.

Well we started Joshua on meds 1 1/2 years ago and it's been good and bad but little improvements over time. Well we decoded his Current medication was not doing enough so we made the decision to change his meds again. We went to his doctor and agreed to try vyvanese.

Well I went into day one cautiously optimisic and I noticed he was leas hyper but didn't do cartwheels just yet.
It's day 2 and if I could do cartwheels I would. Today has been amazing and I'm still cautiously optimistic but it was a very promising day.

First one of his best friends was over this morning and he was not hyper and stayed engaged and had a blast playing video games together.

Well the most amazing thing happened while I wasn't at home. Today matt told Joshua to put the game controller down and come have lunch. Wait for it........
Without a tantrum, meltdown or even a whiny complaint he put his controller down and went to the table. He politely asked daddy how much he needed to eat before he could go back and play. Matt told him all of it. And he did. This is amazing eating battles are a nightmare and stopping him from doing something he loves never goes well. Not only did he eat all of his food he then politely asked to be excused. Whose child is this and can I keep him.

Again I remain cautious and hope this lasts. But today I say loud an proud...meds are good and it's a family thing :)

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