Thursday, June 9, 2011

The noise noise noise noise

Some days I wonder who has the sensory issues...maybe it's me...because the constant noise drives me crazy. I long for our school days to resume so the house can be quiet for a few hours a day. My kids are non-stop talkers. Be quiet please.

In the car is the worst. Here is the conversation that took place yesterday while I was driving.

I'm on the phone with my sister trying to talk to her over the kids yapping in the background. I must have made a comment to Tammy about something being stupid.

Joshua: have something to tell you....

Me: I'm on the quiet.

Joshua: It's really important!

Me: What is so important.

Joshua: You said Stupid.

Me: Sigh, sorry.


Me: (Still trying to have a conversation with Tammy) Exasperated I loudly say "WHAT!!!"

Emily: Joshua said Stupid...

Me: silence. Back to my conversation with Tammy

Joshua: need to tell you something important...

Me: WHAT?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!

Joshua: Emily said stupid....

Rinse, Repeat, continue....Gun to my head and pull trigger!

The questions and comments are non stop all day... Mom, Joshua's hurting me....Mom, Emily's being Annoying, Mom Joshua is annoying me....Mom, can I have your phone, Mom can I play video games, mom can I have a snack, mom can I...Can I....Can I.....

Or when they ask something and I say no.... JOshua's new thing he does in the most whiny voice ever...."But whhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"


To end a few random funny things my kids asked in the last 24 hours...

On the way to bed last night Emily asks out of the blue: "dad can I have a tv in my room"

Today, Joshua runs to daddy and says "Dad can you build me a computer?"

Daily Mantra: The days are long but the years are quick....the days are long but the years are quick...the days are long but the years are quick....thank god the years are quick (just kidding...I really do love my kids just not the noise).

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