Friday, March 25, 2011

My heart --- insert knife

Joshua has been having potty accidents a lot lately at school. I am so frustrated, matt is so frustrated, everyone is frustrated (except Joshua I assume). During school, if he has a good day behavior wise he has a green day. He usually has a green day. But every morning I hug and kiss him goodbye and say okay, let's work really hard and not have any potty accidents today and let's make sure to have a green day. When he has good days and is successful he jumps in the car and announces, "Mommy, I had a green day and no potty accidents" My response has always been, "Joshua great job, I'm so proud of you".

On day he doesn't achieve one or the other he doesn't say anything. I usually question his day and asked him why he didn't get a green day or why he had a potty accident. I know these questions can be futile especially with kids on the spectrum. The answers are always I don't know. And he certainly may not. I as his mom don't understand so why should he.

Anyways, back to today. This morning he was so excited because ANGRY BIRDS RIO came out. This boy loves his "wacky birds" as he calls them. It's his favorite app. And he's better at it than me. So I promised him that if he had a green day and no potty accidents then we would buy RIO tonight when he got home.

Sadly, he got in the car and did not have a green day and had a potty accident. Sigh. I asked him what happened, etc. He said I don't know. I didn't really know what to say.

Then out of the blue he said, "mommy, are you still proud of me.." in the absolute most pathetic little voice I ever heard.

I swear I almost burst into tears. I assured him that I love him and am always proud of him. I gave him big hugs. Then I was looking through his communication folder and saw that he passed his weekly sight word test. 100% so he gets to move onto the next set of words. This is our goal every week. So I immediately high-five him and congratulate him. He immediately says, "since I knew all my words and get to move up, can I please have Angry Birds Rio"

What is a mom, who just had her heart ripped out, supposed to say to that.

I gotta go now, Joshua wants to show me something cool on his new angry birds app.


  1. Way to go Joshua!!!! (and mom) :)

  2. Love that you did that for him! It's exactly what I would've done faced with the same thing. For him to ask you if you were still proud shows an understanding of emotions of others that is a big deal in our ASD world. To reach out for the love of his mom and then ask for the app?! That's one smart little boy you have there!

  3. Manipulative little boy I have...:P. Yesterday he got in trouble at school so he lost his video game priviledges at home. When at home he got hurt and I was trying to console him. I said what can I do to cheer you up.

    "playing a video game will cheer me up"

    Um....fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me"