Friday, March 11, 2011

What's for lunch?

When someone asks you what did you have for lunch I'm sure that is a pretty easy question for most people. For me today, I grabbed a sandwich on the way home. If I ask Emily, she'll tell you cheeseburger, french fries, KETCHUP (mostly ketchup) and chocolate milk.

Now onto Joshua- He gets in the car every afternoon in carpool. I use this 10 minute ride on the way home to interrogate...errr...I mean talk to him. I ask him this simple question What did you eat for lunch today. Not because I really care what he eats. I let him buy his lunch every day because he likes it. Saves me time from making the same boring turkey sandwich every day for it just to come home uneaten. So now, he can just eat or not eat their food. Costs me the same but saves me time.

So back to the question...Joshua, What did you have for lunch today?

It never fails, the answer has always been the same since day one. I don't know. What do you mean I don't know. How do you not know what you ate for lunch. This little back and forth goes on for a few minutes and I finally give up the answer question part of our ride home. If he was ever captured as a hostage he would be very reliable and trustworthy, he'll keep all your government secrets. He'd never give up any intel. I promise.

So it's half way through the year and I have no idea what he has ever eaten at school. NOw i know he eats because I interrogate....err...I mean talk to his teachers every once in awhile and they assure me that he is not sitting in the corner wasting away from starvation.

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  1. I don't know seems to be a pretty typical answer. Katie remembers nothing, does nothing, eats nothing..ha. I am jealous Joshua will buy everyday. Miss Picky Pick over here won't dare touch hot lunch on most days.