Thursday, March 10, 2011

my diva

Okay, my parents are in town and me and my mom have been doing a LOT of shopping. Seriously, I haven't shopped this much since Christmas. Emily is going to be 4 in a few weeks so my mom bought her some presents to celebrate while she is here. She bought her a beautiful Easter dress. It is spectacular. And of course a matching hat, shoes and purse. She also got her a polly pocket toy. Emily has been playing with that thing for 2 hours and is in heaven. Besides changing her clothes 100 x a day she loves changing her dolls clothes so I knew she was ready for Polly Pocket. :)

Well, we got a tax refund recently and let me share something with you but it's our secret okay.  I spent $300.00 on clothes for Emily yesterday. Shh....don't tell Matt. Luckily he takes no interest in my blog and never reads it so I know it is safe here. *eye rolling*
I went insane shopping. I had so much fun. This girl is set for clothes (well she'll still need actual play clothes from target, you know the $3-$4 crap you don't care if they get dirty.

I spent $80 at Kohls. $80 at Children's Place, $52 at Payless, $70 at Penney's. I've justified it saying these are part of her birthday presents. You know how those justifications work, right. :)

I think the craziest thing I bought this girl was 4, yes I said 4 pairs of shoes. White sandals, floral sandals, pink dressy flats, and a new pair of dora tennis shoes. Not to mention the white dress shoes mom bought for Easter. I told you I went crazy. This is the first time in years that I bought her stuff that wasn't Target play wear. She is going to be stylin'. I know I shouldn't encourage her but when I was a kid I loved dressing my dolls and now I have my very own Doll to dress. ;)

I think I love buying her clothes because I know they will fit and be cute. Unlike shopping for myself. I did buy myself a new top yesterday but shopping in my department was just boring and depressing. So I ventured back to the girls department. I think Emily may be safe from the "glass child" syndrome. Of course she keeps asking me to play Polly Pockets with her and well, sorry honey, mommy is busy right now...blogging about how great of a mom I am to you. Yes, I know the irony of this is not lost on me.  But people, it's barely 9am and I haven't even woken up yet.

Now you may be wondering about poor Joshua what did I get him. Well I got him a hex bug from Target. They are really cool if you haven't seen them before. They provide hours of entertainment for my boy.|1287991011&ref=sr_bx_1_1&x=0&y=0

I also bought him a 2 inch memory foam mattress to go on top of his futon. Now that he is growing he should have a better bed and he doesn't want a regular bed because he likes that he can have a "couch" in his room when he has friends over.

Clothes, did he get clothes. Well Mom bought him his easter suit and 2 new pair of shorts. That's it. That's all he needs. Wondering why? Well he is still in a size 4. He has been in a size for at least a year and a half. It's crazy. So he has a dresser full of clothes he can still wear. So again, I justified Emily's expenditures because I didn't need to buy Joshua clothes so I could spend that money on Emily.


  1. I agree on ALL counts, Sherri! It's our boys own faults for not growing...LOL. And oh my, it is so much fun dressing our life size barbie dolls! Someday we will be able to just pull something off the rack and have it look cute too. But until that day, we will have our girlies to keep us occupied! :)

  2. Ha, we all know how much more fun it is to buy for GIRLS! I spend so much on Katie and she has way more clothing than Ben. And you need a lot of shoes for girls to match their dresses and skirts and pants. Katie gets like 3 or 4 pair and Ben as his sneakers...and rain boots...ha.

    Kai doesn't read my blog, either. At all. I have even asked him to guest post for me and he is like, um, no. He has no clue. Of course, he is a psycho about money, so I can't get away with a shopping spree like that. I wish.

  3. Well, I would not normally get away with it. I have never spent that much money on clothes for emily before. But it was so much fun.