Thursday, July 1, 2010

For the sake of Heather....

Okay I got razzed last night by my friend for not updating my blog. So here's the update. Same shit....different day. :) How do you like that.

We spent the last month doing a lot of traveling. We spent a week in myrtle beach then we were home for 4 days and then we headed to Indiana to see my family for a week. We were definitely ready to be home. Traveling is great but not all bunched up like that. Joshua starts kindergarten in less than 2 weeks. How did he get so old on me. He's my baby. He has a big birthday party this weekend and apparently he only wants "brothers" there no "sisters". Ahh the joy of boys. I showed him what his cake was going to look like and he requested a different cake. I may strangle him before the end of the week. They are in summer camp this week, I've wasted every morning doing nothing. Today is the last day of summer camp. Next week I have a full week with the kids all to myself. It will be great. (insert sarcasm).

Oh and for the record, potty training still sucks. My daughter will be in diapers at college and if you are looking for a good stock tip, I recommend you purchase stock for Tide Laundry Detergent. We are definitely keeping them in business.

There it is, my not so exciting life on the spectrum.


  1. LMAO, Sherri! I appreciate your update...thanks for keeping me entertained! ;)

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