Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Snack time drama

Okay here's today's challenge. Go out to the store and purchase your child's favorite treat, for example Simply Fruit fruit rollups (dye free in case any one is looking for dye free variety). Get home and listen to your child ask, plead beg, for fruit rollups for snack time. Now for the tricky part, open the fruit rollup and remove the sticky messy stuff from the plastic but whatever you do DO NOT TEAR IT. If you do plan on spending the next 30 minutes consoling your child and trying to convince them that the fruit rollup is not ruined. ;)
Other items this may apply to....never ever break a banana in half, if the popscicle breaks for get it it's ruined, Never cut up their pancakes or sandwiches, and be especially careful when taking granola bars out of their packages without breaking them. 

Today's Living Life on the Spectrum Moment was brought to you by Simply Fruit fruit rollups.

1 comment:

  1. That all describes Ben...and he's my typical child! HA! Heaven forbid I do any of those things either, or a shoelace comes untied, or his hand gets sticky from shoving it in a bowl of ice cream, etc,