Thursday, March 18, 2010

Clutter oh Clutter

Okay, we live in a small house. I am so overwhelmed by the clutter. Part of me just wants to go through and dump everything we own and donate it and start over with a clean slate. We have too many things. Too many toys, too many clothes, too many things in the refrigerator, too many coats, too many socks ( I kid you not, I cleaned out matt's sock drawer a couple of months ago and he had over 50 pair of socks and he gave me grief for getting rid of half of them, my husband is a keeper of things). I don't know how to go about doing this decluttering process.

So I am so overwhelmed and don't know where to begin so I continue procrastinating and hoping the declutter fairy will show up soon and take control (that's you eliz r. ) :) So instead of tackling this project, I am sitting on my computer with blinders on (unless Matt is reading then I am busting my butt around this house doing stuff and lucky to get a break from all I do).

We have jumped on the potty train wagon with Emily (again) apparently she is a top notch potty goer at preschool, tells her teachers that she has to go, etc. Not sure who this child is because at home she insists on remaining a baby and wearing her diapers. So for the second time I have given up on her diapers and put her in panties. So long diapers forever (maybe we'll see how this week goes I may get lazy again and throw in the towel).  It's hard to focus on her potty training when I am still trying to convince my almost 5 year old that he needs to stop pooping his pants and to use the potty and for the love of God please stop stripping down in the back yard and smearing poop everywhere (  <--- this is the living life on the spectrum part in case you were wondering ). So you can see why I'm not that excited to jump on the potty train with Emily, although I know she will be super easy but a mom can only deal with so much poop a day, kwim.

Well, I guess I will stop procrastinating and go clean some part of the house so Matt doesn't think all I do is sit on the computer all day reading my Mom message boards and blogging....I'm just way too busy decluttering my house for that kind of stuff ;).


  1. I did a huge declutter a few weekends back. I started on a Friday adn went through Sunday and went room by room, closet by closet. Got rid of like 7 HUGE bags of trash and even more clothes. We are closet shover type people...if you don't see it, it's not really there, right? It feel so good to have unloaded though...getting the motivation to do it is hard, however...ha.

    Emily might not be so potty happy at home b/c she sees Joshua still having accidents. They totally pick up on stuff like that..whereas at school she sees other kids going and have that behavior modeled instead. Oh so fun raising kid #2, when kid #1 is not NT.

  2. LOL You resemble me, Sherri! I am also in desperate need of a declutter makeover...

    Oh, and by the way, I too am busting my hump cleaning and not spending all day on the computer...yeah, that's right. :)

  3. Do I need to come over there an declutter you again? :)